APRIL 27 / 4-6:30 PM

an event for his friends and admirers



April 27, 2017



CUNY Graduate Center

365 Fifth Ave

Room 9204

New York, NY 10016


Please join us to celebrate the memory of Raymond Smullyan, mathematician, musician, magician, teacher, author, showman, and dear friend. There will be two speakers, Melvin Fitting and Graham Priest, followed by an open mic session. 

Video of the event on April 27, 2017.

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Melvin Fitting's Eulogy can be read here.


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by M. Fitting



Video of Raymon Smullyan at the piano by Melvin Fitting.

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Obituary & puzzle sample 02/11/17 New York Times

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Blog post 02/13/17 by Greg Restall on Gödel's Last Letter and P=NP

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If you would like an open mic slot or would like to contribute to the slide show of Ray's life, please indicate that in the RSVP. While this event is open to the public, a photo ID is required to enter the building and an RSVP is appreciated as space is limited.

A dinner will follow the event at a nearby restaurant.

Thus was Raymond Smullyan, master of the Tao, in his multiplicity ("everybody is unique, but myself!"): an influential logician, an accomplished pianist, an entertaining magician, an authentic caretaker, a kind humanist. A finite life is surely the ultimate paradox to be solved by us. It is so appropriate that Raymond now leaves us with this last puzzle, the one in which he has something to tell us, but we will never know what it was... And with this we go back to where we started, self-referentially, to the hospital bed in which he was once stuck when a young boy and his brother told him that he would have a big surprise before the end of the day. Of course, there was no surprise. And this was very surprising to the little Ray! He wouldn't like us to be sad now. Or ever! Let us cherish his memory.

Joao Marcos March 9, 2017



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